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Using Bernadette Brady's favored Alcabitius Houses, your sun is in the 9th at 18 Leo 25 39 because cusp of 10th house begins at 19 Leo 30 02 Sun is therefore not in 10th but according at least to Ptolomy can be Hyleg since Sun is in 9th With Kepler my sun is in tenth,with astro. Am i doing something wrong? Scorpio Jupiter has no dignity at the degree occupied by Leo Sun so is immediately out of the contest as is Scorpio Mars for the same reason although Mars is strong being in own Triplicity, Term and Face Saturn appears to have won the contest by being the sole contender who has any dignity at all in the degree occupied by the Leo Sun Would you agree or disagree?

I ask this because Saturn is in very good condition by sign but in bad house. Second thing i want to know is:Saturn isnt make any aspects only the sextile with the Hyleg sun ,so what to do,should i add the Hyleg lesser years and the middle as months or i keep only saturn? If any other planet were in the 12th house then that would be an accidental debility but we are considering Saturn, the greater malefic who has accidental dignity in 12th House because 12th is the house of Saturns Joy.

However, I would be interested to learn dr. Deborah Houlding of Skyscript tells us that the use of planetary joys is very ancient - it was a prominent consideration in classical astrology and has remained a pertinent factor throughout traditional texts. There is good reason to believe that some house meanings have developed as a result of the strong association between the planets and their houses of joy. Manilius referred to a planet in its house of joy as being in its temple, illustrating the very deep and profound relationship that exists between the house and its associated planet.

So i dont count th Hylegs years at all? I agree :joyful: relief. Bernadette Brady's instructions seem to imply that the answer is not to count the Hylegs years at all. Ok :sad:, how much is the deviation in years? I mean if we say 57 maybe is 53 or 60? And i want to check the second chart also. My thoughts for second chart:Is sun the Hyleg? The chart is diurnal and Sun is in masculine sign but in 12 house so i dont think it is.

Moon is in cadent house but not in feminine sign so isnt the moon either. Because the chart is Conjuctional i take the degree of the ascedant. Venus conjucts the ascedant and has dignity there. So the Ascedant is the Hyleg and Venus the Alcoccoden,also Mars sextile the ascedant but has no dignity there. Also Venus is in semi-sextile with Mercury is this counts?

I mean semi-squares ,semi-sextiles etc.. Better to take time and take care to study the method with care and eliminate all possible eventualities before drawing any hasty conclusions Since Bonatti uses Alacibitus houses our next step must be while keeping Saturn in mind to analyse both Mars and the Moon for their potentiality as Alcoccodens. So let's complete our analysis of chart 1. Would you agree or disagree? And Jupiter also could be alcoccoden? When analysing a method it is best to check all possible analytical procedures: Saturn, although in detriment does have dignity albeit the least dignity and therefore is the sole qualifier following the initial part of the method.

Remember, ancient astrologers did not input everything into computers but used their own judgement. Because Bernadette Brady mentions Bonatti's eight degree rule there is no harm in applying it in order to check it out, so our next step now is to assess the strengths of Jupiter, Mars and the Moon regarding which planet has the greatest essential dignity and Skyscript has a great page that shows exactly how to add and subtract for each planet in order to guage planetary strength according to this particular method. Moon could be the Hyleg even the chart is diurnal if moon considered to be angular.

Also Mercury has face there and aspects moon too. Obviously different results would have been obtained by using an alternative House system, such as Whole Sign for example :smile: Bernadette did not include the eight degree rule in the main assessment but simply placed it as a minor added note and dr. Something that concerns me is that in Bonatti's Method says -The four rulers rulership,exaltation,triplicity and term and not face,detri or fall what do you think about this?

It is good that you are observant and enjoy questioning everything The four rulers domicile, exaltation, triplicity and term are the strongest.


Face has the least strength, it is only a very minor dignity and so Bonatti would have eliminated Saturn immediately. We can only assume that Ptolemy would have accepted Saturn as Alcoccoden because of the very slight dignity of 'Face' But Bonatti did. Therefore at this stage we can briefly summarise: 1 As far as Ptolemy is concerned Saturn fulfils sufficiently the criteria for Alcoccoden 2 however, we have our doubts - because of Saturn's sorry state 3 So we now continue with the assessment by following Bonatti's rules on astro.

Ok ,what do you think about the moon? Your question is general. Think about the moon in relation to what? If you mean that you think that the Moon could be the Hyleg, well it could be, but only if Sun does not fulfil conditions for Hyleg but in this case the Sun has been established as Hyleg. Currently then, since Saturn is eliminated by Bonatti if not Ptolemy then we check any planets in aspect to the Hyleg in this case the Sun to establish which of these could be Alcoccoden. Jupiter and Mars are conjunct in Scorpio and of the two Mars has the greater dignity Jupiter has no dignity at all in Scorpio whereas Mars is domicile, Triplicity, Term ruler, so Mars could be Alcoccoden Now to check the Moon.

Moon is in Taurus in own Domicile, Exaltation, Triplicity and Term and it seems to me that the Moon in this case has more dignity than either Mars or Jupiter and therefore Moon is the Alcoccoden So Sun is Hyleg and Moon is the Alcoccoden, according to Bonatti :smile: Jup i am a little bit confused here,sure moon is very strong, but according to Bonnati the Alcoccoden must be in aspect with the Hyleg and to has the greatest dignity in Hylegs place and moon does not fulfil that.

Jup i am a little bit confused here,sure moon is very strong, but according to Bonnati the Alcoccoden must be in aspect with the Hyleg and to has the greatest dignity in Hylegs place and moon does not fulfil that. As you say, Moon has no dignity in degree of Hyleg so the search for Alcoccoden according to Bonatti continues next step is to find out whether Jupiter or Mars have any dignity in the Hylegs place.

If so, then either one is Alcoccoden :smile:. If so, then either one is Alcoccoden :smile: We still continue with the sun as Hyleg arent we? I see Jupiter has face in Hylegs place but doesnt make any aspect with sun. Actually according to Bonatti's method the sun cannot be the Hyleg at all, cause we must use only the four dignities rule,exalt,tripl and term and no planet has dignity in the sun area except Venus. In other words i think we must look the next one the moon,what do you think? We still continue with the sun as Hyleg arent we? I agree paraskeyh - and if Sun is eliminated then we consider Moon as Hyleg When we have calculated the Hyleg as an Arabic Part, and the Hyleg is in Virgo and 5th house along with Saturn and part of Fortune what conclusions we can get?

After we have cleared with moon we go to the POF and the reason for that is that the chart is Preventional. I look at dignities and i see Jupiter has the greater dignity. Jupiter is in exaltion and Venus scores less from Jupiter because is in term. I continue with my thoughts.. If Jupiter is the Alcoccoden wich probably is then which years we take? Jupiter is in Scorpio in 12th house but as we said before a planet within about 8 degrees of an angular house cosidered to be angular.

So jupiter has power but i dont know wich years to take,i am between middle and Greater. So we have work to do. I agree with your analysis paraskyeyh. PoF is Hyleg. Now it is a matter of addition and subtraction according to the method given. Benefics in Trine, Conjunction or Sextile add years to the life, whereas Malefics in Conjunction, Square or opposition take years away from the life.

Jup we examine the first chart not the second. The Pof is in cancer not in Pisces. First, wich years you think i should add for Jupiter Middle or Greater? I havent read what we do in this situation when a malefic is in hard aspect we add or no? And finally Mercury a strong sextile so here what do you think ,should we add? So we take the middle years of Jupiter There are different methods of calculating the Hyleg Ptolemy, Bonatti, al-Biruni et al. I recommend using a program as its quite complex and the old fashioned terminology grates on my nerves. Assuming there is a Hyleg if not the native's life will be short , you find the Alcoccoden, the planet the makes the first applying Ptolemic aspect that's has the highest dignity.

Based on that, you consult a table of The Years of the Planets and take the years determined by whether the planet is cadent, succedent or angular and use that as your base-line. If Mars was the Alcoccoden and angular, you'd have a base-line of 66 years. From there, you either add or subtract years and months to your base-line depending on which planets aspect the Alcoccoden, and whether the aspects or hard or easy and whether the planet is a malefic or benefic.

From what I've seen, it's quite accurate, being off by only a few years. In a couple of cases where it was off badly, adjusting the birth time by a few minutes yielded the correct number of years, which suggests the birth time was inaccurate. So if we take note BobZemco's good advice, Jupiter is angular in 1st house, so for Jupiter we can take the Greater years - 79 years :smile:. So if we take note BobZemco's good advice, Jupiter is angular in 1st house, so for Jupiter we can take the Greater years - 79 years :smile: Jupiter is conjucting ascedant 5 degrees so it is considered to be angular you are right.

If jupiter conjucts with first house with 10 degrees counts to be angular or not? I am wondering what we must do hypotheticaly if a malefic like Mars sextiles an Alcoccoden,i mean a malefic but in good angle with Alcoccoden then we add,we subtract or we do not do anything at all. And about the moon and the mercury because you said that they are neutral we dont use them at all?

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According to the notes prepared by Bernadette Brady using Alcabitius houses a planet within 6 degrees of the Ascendant is counted as being angular - 10 degrees is not considered angular. Remember BobZemco advises us that the method is complex and therefore the use of a program is best Consider this This particular birth occurred on 11th August and for that day the Equation of Time states that a sundial shows the sun is slower by 5. When malefic Mars sextiles an Alcoccoden then we do nothing because to have any effect regarding deduction of years, malefics must conjunct, oppose or square Benefits to have any effect likewise on addition of years must conjunct, sextile or trine Bernadette Brady has used Moon as a benefic to add years for Charlie Chaplin's chart but has given no example using Mercury as a benefic so in this case, since we use this particular method because there is no example.

I just checked my chart but there is no big diference so i think we are ok. Ok:joyful: i have my certificate of Birth so its ok only thing i dont know if a deviation from 2 to 5 minutes is acceptable. Also it is obvious that the birthtime is written some time after the birth since the child must be attended to and the mother must be attended to, so sometimes there is considerable variation from the actual time of birth. There is much debate as to what is considered the time of birth, mostly astrologers think that the time of the first breath is the time of birth.

Often the first breath occurs long before the birth is noted. Often it is an estimate although it seems exact because the minutes are noted - but that is the time it is written a deviation of five minutes taking the Equation of Time into account makes a difference of approximately one degree:smile:. Also from what you said we cannot count the moon at all because even moon is benefic it oposes the Alcoccoden so dont count the moon at all:smile:.

You are right about the moon. Also from what you said we cannot count the moon at all because even moon is benefic it oposes the Alcoccoden so dont count the moon at all:smile: Exactly. We do not count the moon at all :smile:. Nowadays they note the birth with more accuracy than the did back in and not to mention my dad and my mum, we dont the hour at all:lol:. Ok i changed to but its still the same results about aspects and angles only the degrees have changed but this doesnt affect neither Hyleg nor Alcoccoden:smile: so we are accurate. And to be honest, i read the posts of Bob Zemco about longetivity and with not having second thought i joined in this beatiful community of yours,Zemco is an astrologer?

I ask this because i am new here and i dont know each everyone:smile:. And the deviation is 2 to 3 years approximately? I ask this because i am new here and i dont know each everyone:smile: BobZemco is a more than competent Traditional horary astrologer, active on any one of the horary forums. Curtis Manwaring of the Lost Horoscope X-Files has this to say: Finding the hyleg is tricky and depends upon whose definitions you rely upon research is needed in this area Once the hyleg and alchochoden are determined with relative certainty, finding the lifespan is a matter of directing the rays of the hyleg usually by primary direction or ascensional times to the rays of a destroyer or malefic planet.

Under modern sentiments about death and old age one should not predict death but rather danger of death or illness.

It was common practice of astrologers in the past to not predict death unless all of the indicators were thoroughly bad and there were no benefic planets also aspecting or somehow mitigating at the time. BobZemco is a more than competent Traditional horary astrologer, active on any one of the horary forums. I would agree with you, that so far as Bernadette Brady has shown us, then the years according to Bonatti are 73 Regarding Mercury, for Hellenistic astrologers Mercury is sometimes, benefic, sometimes malefic depending upon condition.

So in my case Jupiter shows the cause of illness or death jupiter in scorpio maybe a tumor in genitals If the hyleg and alchochoden are the same then the chances are that the planet is dignified, and the nativity blessed. What he means by this? What do you think about the second chart? I think Hyleg is the Ascedant and Alcoccoden is Venus do you agree? If the hyleg and alchochoden are the same then the chances are that the planet is dignified, and the nativity blessed.

Well I am no expert but Curtis Manwaring could mean that if the planet with the greatest dignity at the degree of the Hyleg is also the Hyleg - then it follows that obviously then, the Hyleg is also the Alcoccoden! However, as has been said before, there are many opinions as to how to calculate the Hyleg and we are following that of Bernadette Brady who does not mention this particular phenomenon that Curtis Manwaring has drawn our attention to. The relationship between these two planets or one could show how sickly or robust the health is in a more general sense.

The alchochoden if afflicting the hyleg in some way for example could show the cause of illness. If there is a beneficial relationship between the two this might help the robustness of the natives health, etc. Remember - you asked If the hyleg and alchochoden are the same then the chances are that the planet is dignified, and the nativity blessed. Neither can you or anyone assume that my conjecture is correct I remind you that I prefaced my comments with the proviso that I am no expert which means my interpretation requires verification in this case from Curtis Manwaring we have not got that verification.

Until we receive confirmation of my conjecture then I must remind you paraskeyh what Curtis Manwaring states is simply "If the hyleg and alchochoden are the same" - at no time has Curtis Manwaring told us how we decide whether the Hyleg and the Alcoccoden are the same Remember - you asked to which I responded However, remember I am not Curtis Manwaring and cannot possibly say whether my interpretation of what Curtis Manwaring said is correct.

The Control. Since this topic seems quite complicated and complex, we will clarify it using methods proven by our own experience. Valens motive was simply to record ancient astrological techniques for the benefit of future generations of astrologers to study. Valens did not disturb the techniques even if he disagreed with them: he just said he disagreed, showed his own ideas but also described the original techniques without altering them. Valens' major work is the Anthology, ten volumes in Greek written roughly within the period to The Anthology is the longest and most detailed treatise on astrology which has survived from that period.

A working professional astrologer, Valens includes over a hundred sample charts from his case files in the Anthology. Although originally a native of Antioch, he appears to have travelled widely in Egypt in search of specific astrological doctrines to bolster his practice. At the time Alexandria was still home to a number of astrologers of the older Babylonian, Greek and Egyptian traditions.

He published much of what he learned from the tradition and through his practice in his Anthology, written in an engaging and instructional style. The Anthology is thus of great value in piecing together actual working techniques of the time. Valens' work is also important because he cites the views of a number of earlier authors and authorities who would otherwise be unknown. The fragments from works attributed to the alleged pharaoh Nechepso and the high priest Petosiris, pseudobiographical authors of the 2nd century BC, survive mainly through direct quotations in Valens' work.

It seems very interesting and very difficult for me. I had some problems and i didnt have time to connect. But i really need your opinion for the second chart with Bonattis method. Posts: 1, Re: William Lilly's indications of a violent death. Do they work? That's probably because Ptolemy is discussing Primary Directions, not the planetary situation in a Natal Chart. If you're researching Death and it appears you are , then you've probably ran into comments on the Hyleg and Alcocoden.

Ptolemy doesn't use an Alcocoden. Ptolemy's theory is that what is Above Horizon is alive, what is Below Horizon is dead. When looking at the Houses Above Horizon, all of them make aspects to the Ascendant except the 12th and 8th Houses, which are inconjunct the Ascendant. For each of those points, he is looking for a Planet that meets 3 of these 5 conditions: is the Sign Ruler, Exaltation Ruler, Sect Triplicity Ruler, Term Ruler or makes a partile or very close applying aspect to the point in question. The Houses in order of power are the 10th, 1st, 11th, 7th and 9th.

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He will take the best one out of the Sun, Moon and any Planet that has at least 3 dignities in either the Sun, pre-Natal New Moon or the Ascendant and determine which is the Hyleg. If the Sun is in the 8th or 12th House, and the Moon is Below Horizon and no Planet meets the dignity conditions, then the Ascendant is automatically the Hyleg and a Planet Combust cannot be Hyleg either.

Once he finds the Hyleg, then he directs it by Primary Direction. If the Hyleg is in the 7th or 9th House, then he directs it clock-wise to the Descendant 7th House Cusp and the Arc of Direction the number of degrees is how long the Native will live. That isn't just counting the number of degrees between the Hyleg and the 7th House Cusp, rather you're looking at Temporal Hours to arrive at the 7th House Cusp. Many German books. The article "Astrology" by Ernest Riess dates from Numerous contributions by Wilhelm Gundel. Internet Archive Vols. Zoroaster references. The most important bibliography on the subject : entries.

Two copies. Goldstine New and Full Moons B. Opere a stampa Firenze, Leo Olschki, , 2 vols. See my review. Nobody among our recent historians has been able to surpass him there : "Have we a right to attribute to the minds of that age our definiteness and clarity of thought, our common sense, our scientific spirit? Is it fair to take the words in which they expressed their thought and to interpret these according to our knowledge, our frame of mind ; to read into their words our ideas and discoveries ; to rearrange their disconnected utterances into systems which they were incapable of constructing ; to endeavor by nothing else than a sort of allegorical interpretation to discover our philosophy, our science, our ideals in their writings?

From Plinius to John Goad The first six volumes are online thanks to the Public Library of India. Internet Archive P. The author has chosen to cite anti-astrologers as preferable to astrologers. According to him, astrology's only purpose would have been to prepare the ground for the theory of gravitation in vol. Several Google copies : 1 , 2 , 3 , 4. Incomplete version can be found on Google books. All religions were veiled astrological systems. See mainly vol. On Allen's compilation, see Gary Thompson's review.

Partial copy of the German version on Google books. French translation in The first two chapters online. Thom, one of the leaders of archaeoastronomy, gives evidence of Moon and Sun alignments at its risings and sets at equinoxes, solstices and intermediate points in some megalithic monuments. Only some pages available. See the relations between the early decanal constellations which rise on the horizon and the late introduction of zodiacal decans in astrology.

Or the influence of early Babylonian religion on the language and thought of Genesis Cambridge, Deighton, Bell and Co. Noordhoff, ; Engl. Version, P. Noordhoff [and New York, Oxford University Press], Only 30 pages of Van der Waerden's master work on ancient astrology despite of the title are available on Google Books. Galter dir. An introduction to Babylonian and Assyrian Celestrial Divination Copenhagen, Museum Tusculanum Press, "A case study of celestial divination, an analysis of the received traditions as well as a description of astrology in subsequent periods.

Rogers "Origins of the ancient constellations : I.

Astrology by Hand

The Mesopotamian traditions [and] II. APIN translation pp. The reference edition remains : "MUL. But probably the different engraved sections come from different periods. For a good presentation, see Gary Thompson's page. University of Toronto, Important doctoral thesis on the Parapegmata, "texts and instruments used for tracking cyclical phenomena" in Babylon, Greece, Egypt, Rome, etc , essentially for astrometeorological purposes.

It has been recently published by Cambridge University Press F: Gallica F: I. Chu, after Saussure and with some new observations, advocates "the indigeneity of the system of 28 Mansions to china" around BC. The next volume is related to mathematics, calendars, cosmology and astronomy.

Persian Nativities IV

Schafer Pacing the void. T'ang Approaches to the Stars Berkeley and Los Angeles, University of California Press, "For most early Chinese, even for the most advanced authorities on events in the sky, astronomy was indistinguishable from astrology. There were certainly skeptics, but it appears that most men, even well-educated men, continued to believe that a predictable Jupiter remained an awful Jupiter.

See also my compendium Italian corpori Florence, Milano, Venice, and others. An introduction to Greek constellations after Eudoxos of Knidos c. See also the English translation of A. Some parts of Geminus' treatise are highly recommended, especially those related to the definition of zodiacal signs. The "Elements of astronomy" proves that the Greeks were not using an imaginary sidereal zodiac. Valpy, , 2 vols. Important astrological treatise c.

It gives correlations between planets and parts of human body. See eight-folded zodiacal division col. See at the same web site, two horoscopes and some other astrological fragments : Search Astrology in Michigan mss. With ps-Ptolemy's Centiloquium and Haly's comment. Edited with the "De judicandi facultate et animi principatu". See also by M. Riley Anthologies English translation Mark Riley, ca. Vettius Valens fl.

More than three copies. See chapter 21 pp. Ignorant of Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos. Numerous editions. Compilation on the time of life, the climacteric years, and the cycles of the great year. Petersburg, Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences, Firmicus, against Pagan cults. The text can be viewed on Scribd and the file downloaded after subscription. Manetho's Apotelesmaticorum. Final redaction after See after Maximos Peri Katarche. Manetho Hephaistio of Thebes fl.

Several reprints. We have yet to learn why supposed "astrolatry" interested Ptolemy, and Cardano, Kepler or Campanella some fifteen centuries later Translated by David Pingree in his excellent critical edition of Third volume is not yet available. A typical model of ancient "matricial repartitions". Chidambaram Aiyar, 2nd rev. Mantreswara Phala Deepika Transl. Kapoor, New Delhi 13th c.? The book is attributed to Shri Mantreswara. For the content of these treatises, see David Juste notice. See in the second part : "De Eris intervallis regnorum et gentium", "De era persarum", "De revolutionibus annorum", "De aequatione duodecim domorum coeli" At the end f.

Spanish translation by Demetrio Santos : "Sobre las natividades" Barcelona, See David Juste notice. CMU Introd. Spanish translation by Demetrio Santos Barcelona, Richard Roussat, Paris, Denis Janot, Xth century Hebrew popular manual astrology, numerology and physiognomony. Incomplete copy with manuscript notes. Translated by John of Seville. The portraits for Mercury and Moon complexions are significative of the Jewish inversion of the original Babylonian significations. A person who is born under the moon will be a man who suffers illness, building up and tearing down Latin manuscript translation.

The Tables have been written around On Indian astrology and related subjects, see chap. Spanish translation by Demetrio Santos Madrid, Miami University, Internet version of the doctoral thesis of Lester Ness. Hasan b. Tzvi Langermann. For an English translation of this text, see Paola Zambelli : "The Speculum astronomiae and its enigma: astrology, theology, and science in Albertus Magnus and his contemporaries" Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic, BSB Clm , [S. Prag , Carmody , p.

Incipit : "Dex [Dieu] qui fist toutes creatures", explicit : "et jasoit que li Toreaus fust alez en meson estrange en One of the most beautifully illustrated incunabula. Francis Carmody has edited in the three first books of a French manuscript translation before : "Li compilacions de le science des estoilles".

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Translated by Robert Hand books in , and by Benjamin Dykes books in The choice aphorisms from Cardanus are not included in this copy. A facsimile of the edition of , has been published in Washington American Federation of Astrologers, then in London Regulus, with different pagination. Word copy of the translation in A history of astronomy and astrology, and a rather precious catalogue. Inescapable reference book of which there is a light version. First catalogue entirely dedicated to astrological works : from Abdylaziz Alcabitius to ps. Google PNG Gardner.

Manuel bibliographique des sciences psychiques ou occultes Paris, Lucien Dorbon, , vols Planetary, Lunar and Solar Positions B. New and Full Moons B. Google PNG Welther. These collections although containing many references other than astrological , might be useful : they include 15th century incunabula and 16th century books in all fields published in outstanding printing centers Lyons and Paris, Venice, Rome and Padua , and others. Cantamessa's bibliography, the most complete on astrology, has been greatly improved and is now online : Bibliografia di opere stampate tra il e il di astrologia e che di astrologia trattano , refs.

Cantamessa Bibliografia. Thorndike's doctoral thesis. A history of magic and experimental science New York, Columbia University Press, , 8 vols. Although it includes other material, this colossal study remains the best one ever concerning the history of astrology. On astrology, see mainly vol. Google PNG Wedel. Origine de tous les cultes, ou Religion universelle [Paris, , 3 vols. Famous theory : the origins of cults and religions are celestial. Gallica PDF Dupuis. Gallica PDF Dupuis Compendium on the origins of star names. Google PNG Knappich.

Google PNG Gleadow. See my concise review in French : here. Google PNG Tester. Google PNG James. Gallica PDF Baudouin.

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On Lunar observatories in Megalithic Europe. Google PDF Thom A synthesis of ancient Egyptian astronomical knowledge. Google PNG Clagett. Gallica PDF Oppert. Akkadian Genesis. The famous Babylonian astronomical compilation, and the earliest surviving catalogue of constellations. Only 30 pages of Van der Waerden's master work on ancient astrology despite of the title are available on Google Books. Google PNG Bartel. Google PNG Erica. Mesopotamian Astrology.