Gemini horoscope week of february 24 2020

Mercury will retrograde in your work sector the second half of October, and this can bring out challenges in your work like, with co-workers, bosses, employees, or clients, and you may want to create some changes in your work environment. Neptune remains in your career sector all year, and Mercury will retrograde in this sector the second half of February to early March.

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This can bring out challenges when it comes to dealing with your goals and life path, and you may be uncertain with what to do or what they are. Your instincts can help you figure that out. Mars is in this sector mid-May through June, and you can feel much more ambitious and driven, hard-working and disciplined, and focused on what you want to achieve. Mercury retrogrades in all 3 of your professional sectors in , so you may find you want to go back to work somewhere you have before, for someone you have before, or doing something you have before.

Gemini Home and Family Horoscope. Mercury retrogrades in the sector ruling children to end October and start November, for about a week. If you have children, that week may be quite a challenge, and they can be more rebellious, demand more attention yet not want it, and you may need to be extra patient with them.

Gemini Mental State Horoscope.

Overview: Gemini 12222 Marriage Horoscope

Mars moves into one of the sectors ruling your mind April to mid-May, with Saturn starting April through June and coming back in December along with Jupiter. This can inspire you to work on taking some of your big ideas and doing something with them, making them real and tangible. You can focus on creating practical plans to pursue, and choose the ideas that you feel you can achieve, but are also going to open up more opportunities for you.

This may be a time to go back to school, to teach something you know, to write, or to speak. Uranus remains in the sector ruling your subconscious mind all year, and this is the first full calendar year Uranus will be here. This allows you to find new and unconventional ways of exploring your subconscious mind, letting go of baggage, or understanding the past.

Gemini Marriage Horoscope

You can dive into your subconscious and connect more to your intuitive self, and strengthen that connection to help guide you. You may do all of this quietly, but can make some big changes when no one is paying attention.

GEMINI 2020 - 2021 Astrology Annual Horoscope Forecast

Gemini General Horoscope. Venus will retrograde in your sign mid-May through June, and you may struggle with the people in your life during that time. Try to be more patient with others, and with yourself. Or just make time for lots of naps! Mars will be in Aries July to the end of the year, and retrogrades in Aries September to mid-November.

Gemini 12222 Horoscope

This may impact your friendships, groups you belong to, causes you champion, or dreams you have for your future. You may get into more fights with friends or in groups, and may need to calm your energy. You may push too much with a cause, or feel less motivation for one.

You may want to make your dreams happen right away and have no patience, or you may lack energy and drive to push. Find unconventional ways of using up the extra energy. Embrace your individuality, and work on small changes. For many this means a new home, or new conditions operating within the family circle.

Natal Planets

Financial factors and ethics are important and help shape events, especially prior to April SCORPIO: The way you think, act and speak is being moulded by a new cast during the coming few years, with the initial signs of strong influences operating during February to June By early , definite transformations will be evident. Between now and April 25 the intensity of change is particularly strong: watch and learn.

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  • The first such transitional period unfolds during February to June , followed by January, February, and July to December Many Sagittarians will seek new forms of income, obviously implying a change of job. During the next four months, and especially in the next two, you are formulating new life plans that will ultimately elevate your position and fulfil personal ambitions. Friends play a larger role. Over the next few years, this pathway takes a sequence of eighteen-month steps, with the first phase operating during February to June of the current transformation.

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    You grow in strength and enlightenment from subtle approaches. PISCES: You have a big future ahead of you and only need to access the right people and avail yourself of the opportunities to achieve your dreams. This is not an instantaneous event but rather unfolds over the coming couple of years.