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The information collected from you is confidential and solely for the purpose of computing your birth chart and making astrological horoscope predictions. Your personal profile will not be sold or shared with any third party. Net Products Horosoft Professional 5. View Free Online Horoscope. Log In Sign Up. Choose Language English Hindi. Sign Up Now! Alaska - U. Arizona - U. Arkansas - U. California - U. Colorado - U. Connecticut - U. Delaware - U. Dist of Columbia - U. Florida - U. Georgia - U. Hawaii - U. Idaho - U. Illinois - U. Will recommend to my friends. Overall good. If mentioning the time period, better to include the age also.

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Give me that in my kundali ihad gajakesari yoga thx other than that all good. They should also be written in Sanskrit. Sir, I am very much happy according my past life experience almost tallied. I have to see future what go to be happen. It seems good. It is deeper and easy to understand without the complicated astrologer terms. The customer support is really working top class. The report is great. As a layman its a little difficult to understand all the terms. I think ,it will more valuable if your astro grow with mean calculation of all planets whice wrong or write in a horosco.

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In older days, without checking panchangam, people didn't even stepped out of their homes. But in today's world, Astro-Vision has come up with an application which gives you information about Rasi, Navamsham, Bhava etc. Gayatri Devi Vasudev. The digital avatars of Jyotisha powered by Astro-Vision have spread awareness and are ideal to today's fast paced life. Important Features of Clickastro Horoscope in Kannada. It is important to analyse the panchanga features at the time of birth. They have a role in deciding some basic tendencies, temperaments, physical features and mindset.

This free astrology in Kannada gives you valuable predictions based on panchanga — weekday, nakshatra, thithi, karana and nithya yoga. Predictions on Personality, Wealth and Assets. In this report, an analysis of the 12 bhavas or houses in the birth chart is done. It is possible by studying your 1st and 2nd houses. This report — your personalized astrology in Kannada precisely analyses all bhavas or houses in your birth chart.

Clickastro Kannada jataka studies your entire life through detailed Dasa - Apahara analysis. Thus, it identifies and lets you know your favourable periods for house constructions, marriage, career growth, businesses etc. Some specific features of your jataka can be the reason for the delays or obstructions you encounter in life.

This astrology report in Kannada identifies such malefic features or doshas like Kuja Dosha and suggests remedies to overcome them. When these planets move from one zodiac to others, it can cause some significant changes in the near future. This report can tell about such possible changes in life. In other words, a HIGHLY skilled astrologer can look at your chart and tell you in advance how your free will, will play out to meet with your destiny. Does that make sense?

As I understand astrology in Indian system is not that simple. Many of the people today have basically no understanding of astrology. Some just read few books and become astrologers and try to use this knowledge to earn easy money. Hence all their predictions fail. They just use date and time of birth to create the map of life which is totally absurd. We need more data than just birth date and time. How can one explain twins born at the same time growing to become totally different individuals with different characters and having totally different future?

Current astrologers just use this birth date and time and claim to read their entire future which I feel is absurd. I do understand we can create the astrological map but it needs much more data than mere birth date and time. Once this happened that one very old and loyal servant of a King had been seeing his master extremely disturbed, almost leaving interest in everything for last few weeks..

Due to this not only the King's own health but also the health of entire kingdom was deteriorating day by day. Once he dared to ask the reason for it, King replied that an astrologer has predicted that his life is left not more than a few months from now and he is going to die within this year.

The servant thought for a few second, and then dared again - "Could you call that astrologer once again, Maharaj, as i have a solution for this". King was hesitant, but since the servant being old and loyal, paid heed to his request, and called the forteller. Then the servant asked about his own life-span i. The astrologer did all the calculations taking into account the minutest of details and then said that - he has a very life and will leave at least another 25 years for sure.

The servant suddenly took out the sword from the nearby standing soldier's hands, and prompt took away his head from his body making himself died instantly. Needless to say, the King's eyes got opened, imprisoned the forteller, and lamented profoundly on the death of his loyal servant. This story, whether true or fictional, and the servant's logic has made me disbelieve the astrology completely.

Well, when sadhguru alters his stand, then you can give the message to him With all due respect, it is easy to make light of something we do not understand fully. However, commonsense needs to prevail. The statement - "astrology is an interpretation of astronomy" seems a conclusive analysis on a science that is clearly less understood. Is it really just an interpretation of astronomy, and nothing more?

How do you substantiate this? In any scientific analysis, the only one who can offer a balanced criticism of the subject is one who is well versed in it. For example, in the presentation of a dissertation, when a PhD candidate defends his study, the people critiquing him are people who are very knowledgeable in the same field.

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Criticism that comes out of knowledge of the subject would indicate rational criticism. Otherwise, we are just one of the characters in the story of the seven blind men trying to understand what an elephant really is. All things that are logical are not necessarily the truth. We miss the big picture. The science is bigger than just an aryan and dravidian divide.

Let common sense prevail. In answer to the question - "Does astrology work? Astrology is about reading karmic patterns of unconscious living. Stars dont influence but their certain arrangement gives insight to prarabdha karma and the likely occurence of these. But when one starts consciously living life one starts becoming the creator of ones destiny. The fatalistic views of astrologers and those who seek advice has given the presumption that stars influence us.

Sadhguru never mentions an invasion theory so not surs why some folks are talking about it, culturally and race wise their is an Aryan race just like in the north east of India we see mogoloid like race slowly transforming to mongloids as we move into China etc. If one is transfixed in the past or lives in fear and anxiety of future then it is not our true potential, improper use of astrology can promote this which is happening and sadhguru is in a stern way warning against it.

Casting a persons character or life event is not the purpose of astrology but one can use this tool to move into higher realms of yoga. Astrology is an ancient science,certainly has an influence on our lives and does give us an insight into our tendencies but I think the most imp point Sadguru makes is that you have so much power inside you that you can develop it and be your own master. Then these planetary positions and vastu have no influence on you.

You can creat your own future.

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Think a thousand times before you critisise a master and then dont do it. Just have faith in him. When I was learning astrology, my physician asked me this question. Me and my brother are twins born 20 minutes apart. He is a big boss of an MNC travelling around the world, but I am just a doctor at this corner of Bangalore. How could the stars have been at so far away places in just 20 minutes. Dear Sadhguru, I am neither a Isha Yogi nor a follower of your path.

However I want to put it succinctly. Sir you are wrong. Astrology is a science with great past and history. A horoscope is the lamp in a man's life. It gives direction. True we should not know the future as our Guruji told. Please go through some books and I request you to reconsider your opinion Regards Subba Rao. Anyone's opinion can be rebutted if we have evidence to the contrary!

I agree about vehicle jyotish accuracy as I am student of this field. Its a shame for us an indian who borns in an auspicious country says like this. Its not the whole community. If u r going through any social, health, finance, or family etc problem solution is available in astrology. What ever you say sadguru just makes sooo much sense , We all are just so lucky to be in your shadow in one way or other :. If the Plenatary movements are interpreted into words and resulting into actions then at the birth all must come true!!

Then the death and solution for the diseases must be known by this period of time. Dravid is non-existent. I have experienced these predictions. I had consulted many popular Astrologers and no prediction came true. Besides I was advised remedies and after following it for one full year the same Astrologer suggested something else which is an about turn. For my son's problem when I consulted First time I asked about reading my Father's Horoscope as well for which he said it is not required. After one year same guy wanted to see my Horoscope also.

When I challenged this he started telling me stories which I realized is a nonsense.

An Indian Test of Indian Astrology

I fully agree with Sadguruji's advise that we should Plan our life and focus on achieving what we planned. There were many such instances in my life where I ended up in wasting money and time. In my opinion one gets into these Astrology when you are helpless and desperate and after taking advise from Astrologer people unconsciously act on the advice to make it true. I have been studying astrology most of my life.

Even in the worst case scenarios, there is divine grace Just as there is within the individual there is the self, there is also the reflection of it in the outer space filled with the celestial bodies gravitating on the destinies of man from afar. To reject either of these entities is un-Vedic. The quest to get an inkling of the future in order to further refine a plan of action is pathless and both the common and the un-common people will continue on tgis quest, since, being a speck of divinity, man urges on with curiosity and hope, and desires -- qualities which the Vedas declare even the Para-brahman has.

Beyond ones horosocope , we also have karma If you have twins , eventhough the time of birth is as close to say in seconds or minutes. Still we can have different journey overall based on the souls karma.

Apart from the natal chart , we have 64 divisional charts and out of that we consider 16 divisional charts as par Brihat Parasara Hora shastra. These 16 divisional charts change every minute or even every second if you higher divisionals like D10 or D9. Offcourse , we have so many people now a days talk about astrology by reading books. I have in total 10 years of learning and I am still learning. Astrologers get experienced by seeing more charts and by seeing more charts they get better intuition and intrepretation capabilities.

Being an astrologer or Gemologist is also ones karma , the horoscope should be like that. Rightly said, my friend. I've also been studying Vedic astrology for quite some time. And I'd just like to add that its accuracy is unmatched by any science. I am one more addition to your followers list. Some people who i am close to lead their life depending on predictions and do not plan as u have said.

Which puts them in more deeper trouble. Rishi Parasara made astrology not for predictions, but to describe a person's mind, intentions, qualities, the karma and the destination of this life time Pls explain it from that angle The planets and stars can never influence anyone physically, but energywise of course they can More over once u said that when ur wife vijji took mahasamadhi, the stars were in very auspicious combination energywise Why cant u give us that greater perspective of this great vedic science??

I dont understand then what you are trying to predict then if you are not taking into account the karma of a person while making the predictions. Also If you think the minute second difference can have a great impact, then that itself proves that your predictions are surely going to be wrong. There is no way to determine a persons birth accurately to the minute second.

How on earth can one be so accurate if you can think of it? Any sensible person can say this is never going to be possible.

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This is totally absurd. All the more it is important to know the right method of registering time of birth. This means majority of the people who cast their Horoscopes are not sure of right time of birth. As Horoscopes are drawn based on the time of birth and the various explanations you have indicated in your answer to Sullivan drawing the right type of chart depends on many aspects besides one need to consult so many charts to predict one's future.

Besides you have rightly pointed out that it all depends on how much an Astrologer have learned and how many years of Astrology experience one has will play a significant role in arriving at predictions. I do not think an astrologer can analyse one's Prarabda Karma. It is a better bet to plan our life and focus on achieving the same.

Our Sadgurji has answered to the person who asked about Astrology and he precisely answered that is very much Pragmatic. About reading Nadi Jothidam, the place is Vaideeswaran Koil in TamilNadu and there are many shops doing this work and we do not know which one is genuine. Seems like Sadhguru has not been updated on the latest findings. Aryan invasion theory has been debunked.

It was introduced by Max Muller to show supremacy of the West, and that people in Indian subcontinent were fools and needed to be educated using the Mccaulay system. It was basically to create false impression in the minds of Indians that they need to adopt British education, so that they can hire people who know english language to do clerical work for Britishraj. Namaskaram Sadhguru, it is belived that Nadi Jyothisyam has been handed down by great Agastya muni. Infact its not even prediction but the fact about the life. So isn't it life is predestined. Or you are saying Sadhguru is a miracle or life maker.

Please share your insight. From what I read, there was no invasion. Well am a believer and I say Yes it work Astrology is science, whether we believe it or not, works same for every one. The essence is that the soul is more powerful than the influence of planets which Sadhguru himself has explained.

Sadhguru always says that the creator is inside. Can there be anything more powerful than the creator? Any realized master will only say what sadhguru has essentially said The moot point is the power of the self over the influence of planets Excellent approach to the concept of astrology.

This blog tells us that astrology is not related to stars only but also by looking at the people. Great blog. Rightly said Sullivan the aryan invasion theory was a hoax. If Sadhguru starts preaching things beyond his scholarship then a lot of people will be misguided and McCaulay would be the winner after years.

Jyotish shastra is also one of the vedangs among the ashta angas of the vedas. Discrediting this science of jyotish without knowing it fully would be like living in a fools paradise. Shri Sadhguru should concentrate more on spreading spiritual knowledge because for that you just require to know english properly in today's world. For vedas and upanishads are the set of knowledge which are anadi or that which does not have a beginning or an end and can only be experienced by a person when one becomes eligible to recieve such knowledge by performing karma yog.

I wish to ask Does Astrology improve the Person spiritually? It gives a prescribed path or note to carry in the mind to be followed later. The Pinda represents the Anda. The Stars can dictate only to a certain extent. I do not like any Astrologer who makes a Living out of Predicting and spoiling people's free will to talk about the knowledge of Sadhguru who is a Realised Master.

How firm is your Karma to talk about a Man who who contributed so much to the evolving of Consciousness of Humans?. The Astrologer should have a discretion of what to say and not to say to the Person. But Do they follow that.? How about you challenge Sadhguru to "check your stuff" and prove your certainty of him being "more accurate than astrologers". Let us establish a baseline for accuracy first. I watch a lot of Sadhguru's videos on youtube, he sounds wise and enlightened and usually makes a lot of sense, but that doesn't mean he does not make mistakes!

With due respect, Sadhguru is wrong about Aryan Dravidian theory. And on astrology, it is a science in itself, needs mastery to comment. Generalizations should be avoided. I think proper comment is not accepted here.


For information to great author and commenting people, Vedic astrology is in existence right from Rigveda, Predictive principles are provided in great detail in Atharva Veda and it's allied literature. I applied Atharva Vedic principles and predicted in and repeated in that China is going to face economic slow down, a recession that it may manage but impact has to be seen for long long time.