December 2019 astrology forecast

However, old-school Saturn in hardworking Capricorn could revive a bootstrapping work ethic. Meanwhile, generous Jupiter hovers in Scorpio, the sign of joint ventures, mergers and pooled resources, until November. The sharing economy may boom, possibly out of necessity, as people look for creative ways to consolidate and cut costs.

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Real estate and lending is ruled by Scorpio. Unpredictable Uranus will shake up business as usual, revamping the way we spend, earn, save and invest. Economic reform could be in the stars as revolutionary Uranus enters Taurus, the sign of money and daily work, for the first time since ! The side-spinning planet visits each sign for seven years, and it will be here from May 15, until April Uranus was in Aries since Uranus was in Taurus during the s Gold Rush and again from , a historical era that included the Great Depression and World War II, but also the Social Security and unemployment policies that are in effect to this day.

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Feisty Jupiter is in Scorpio, ruler of sex and intimacy, from October 10, until November 8, While outspoken Jupiter might awaken some evolved attitudes about love and sexuality, it can also spread some less savory stuff like new strains of STDs. On the other hand, progressive Jupiter, which rules publishing and higher learning, could help reform outdated sex education programs. Students might learn how babies are made—and also how to dismantle gender stereotyping, protect privacy in the age of Snapchat and sexting, and battle the pervasive rape culture.

Scorpio rules the psyche, so understanding human behavior and motivations could make a huge difference in safe, consensual enjoyment of our bodies and sexuality. Progressive Jupiter, which rules publishing and higher learning, could help reform outdated sex education programs. In November, Jupiter will enter try-anything-once Sagittarius, offering up plenty of willing playmates who are eager to turn those Scorpio-fueled fantasies into reality.

Open-minded Sagittarius is all about loving across so-called boundaries in gender, race or religion. Long-distance love could move beyond time-zone-crossing WhatsApp chats, as global Jupiter in Sagittarius brings new ways to connect. With Jupiter in this dishy sign, conversations may come with a TMI alert, as people share explicitly and unapologetically about their escapades. With Saturn in conservative Capricorn , we may see an uptick in more traditional relationships running parallel to and perhaps in response to these Jupiter trends.

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Promise ring, anyone? Since Saturn rules aging, we may see a rise in weddings or vow renewals among older people—a spike in Boomer brides, perhaps? Countering all of this money and work-driven energy, dreamy Neptune continues floating through its home sign of Pisces from to Cancer, health related matters can require some fine tuning and paying attention to your work-life balance is a must do. You may find relaxing and doing social activities particularly rewarding. For singles, the month is more about love affairs than serious romance.

Health and energy are at a peak. This is a good time for joining a gym or beginning a long-term exercise program. This is a good time for doing those boring, detailed jobs that you usually put off.

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Now is a good time to think about your goals through meditation, visualization and willed dreaming. Your psyche is very active. That makes this a month for psychological breakthroughs. With Mercury going direct, your financial judgment will be sound once again. Your financial peak has passed for the month. Your mental faculties are very good right now. Love improved in November and will improve this month.

Health is even better this month than last month. Another happy and prosperous month lies ahead. Health and energy are excellent.

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You begin a yearly financial peak this month. Love life starts to improve as Mercury goes direct on the 6th of the month. Now your internal growth will become visible. Saturn has moved into Capricorn for the next two years. Not for you. The Saturn transit will make you even more Capricorn than otherwise.

With Pluto in Capricorn, your ability to attract friends requires little or no effort on your part. New talents and interests are beginning to percolate now. Events in the last days of the month will help you see things with greater clarity.

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You never know what important connections you might make. Love life will be highly blissful. BS Srinivasan Leave a comment. This month you will focus on family and emotional aspects of your life as predicted by the December Capricorn horoscope. You will also enjoy so many luxuries due to your powerful financial abilities. The Capricorn zodiac sign will implement a plan whereby he or she will be able to plan for his or her future with accuracy and precision.

This month it will be good for you to forge new social circles that will help you succeed in life. The Capricorn December horoscope reveals that you may think that you can handle numerous things on your own but there some aspects of your life that need the indulgence of others for them to succeed. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Based on the December predictions for Capricorn, no progress will be seen in existing relationships this month.

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There will be no increase in romance or love. No plans of getting pregnant will be discussed since this month is not a month of love, that is, love is lacking. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!