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I hope I'm delivering his counsel in time to dissuade you from even trying to nail a custard pie to the wall—or an omelet or a potato chip or a taco, for that matter. What might be a better use of your energy? You could use the nails to build something that will actually be useful to you. My Scorpio friend Audrey once made a similar confession: "I buried my secrets so completely from the prying curiosity of other people that I lost track of them myself.

You'll have extra power and luck if you commune with and celebrate your hidden feelings and buried secrets.

Free Will Astrology: Virgo, assess the value of what you have to offer

I think it's a good motto for you to use in the immediate future. How do you interpret it? Here's what I think. As you nourish your robust vision of paradise on earth, and as you carry out the practical actions that enable you to manifest that vision, you must have some creative irritant in the midst of it. That bug, that question, that tantalizing mystery is the key to keeping you honest and discerning.

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It gives credibility and gravitas to your idealistic striving. Its seed is huge, weighing as much as 40 pounds and having a diameter of 19 inches.

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The seed takes seven years to grow into its mature form, and then takes an additional two years to germinate. Everything about the coco de mer seed that I just described reminds me of you, Capricorn. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, you've been working on ripening an awesome seed for a long time and are now in the final phase before it sprouts. The Majestic Budding may not fully kick in until , but I bet you're already feeling the half-enjoyable, half-mysterious pressure.

In fact, the speed at which it fractures could reach 3, miles per hour. Unfortunately, your mental blocks and emotional obstacles are often not nearly as crackable. You may smack them with your angry probes and bash them with your desperate pleas, yet have little or no effect.

Your Weekly Horoscopes Are Here. And It’s a Good Week to Brag, Virgo.

But I suspect that in the coming weeks, you'll have more power than usual to shatter those vexations. So I hereby invite you to hurl your strongest blasts at your mental blocks and emotional obstacles. Pronoia emphasizes the connection that human beings have with the entire planet and its ecology, as well as the universe. Moreover, it serves to remind readers that human beings possess within them a power of will and intellect that has driven this species to accomplish great technological feats that have vastly improved lifestyle conditions.

With this kind of power, used in a positive direction, human beings could advance so much further. Thus Pronoia attempts to fight the cultural apathy that has resulted from the numerous wars, ecological threats, natural disasters, and general selfishness that pervades human life.

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Many people realize the importance of this message because the continued stresses of modern life leave workers downtrodden, often to the point of nihilism. Brezsny's published works and website materials serve to inject both beauty and happiness into the mystery of daily life, which is why they have been favorably reviewed by top literary figures like Tom Robbins.

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Doing nothing makes me tired. Art is knowing which ones to keep. In light of this grace period, I have some advice for you, courtesy of author Anne Lamott: "You weren't born a person of cringe and contraction. You were born as energy, as life, made of the same stuff as stars, blossoms, breezes.

You learned contraction to survive, but that was then. It's composed of your least charitable thoughts about yourself and your rigid beliefs about what's impossible for you to accomplish. Is there anything you can do to deal with this inconvenient illusion? I recommend that you call on Mickey Rat, the cartoon superhero in your dreams who knows the difference between destructive destruction and creative destruction.

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